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Each puzzle is a one-of-a-kind coloured pencil, ink and marker piece on stiff puzzle board. Each puzzle is 5x7 inches and has 12 pieces.

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Millenium Puzzle puzzle
  • Hart of Winter puzzle

Artist Trading Cards

Every convention, I have a selection of Artist Trading Cards for sale, and will also do commissions in this size, time permitting. Each card is hand drawn and either in black and white ink or coloured with coloured pencil, making them all unique. Please forgive the image quality on some of these, they are often taken with my phone at the convention just prior to pick up.

  • ATC Tilly
  • ATC Ninjette
  • ATC OC Commission
  • ATC OC Commission
  • ATC Princess Tutu
  • ATC Yami Yugi
  • ATC Eddie & Venom
  • ATC Erwin
  • ATC Morrigan
  • ATC Shego
  • ATC Hilda
  • ATC Wilson
  • ATC Tanjiro
  • ATC Joseph Joestar
  • ATC Tokoyami
  • ATC Lord Hater
  • ATC Rohan Kishibe
  • ATC Grunkle Ford
  • ATC Sucy
  • ATC Shantae
  • ATC Kaonashi
  • ATC Scotsman
  • ATC Jasmine & Rajah
  • ATC Blue Diamond
  • ATC April O'Neil
  • ATC Spider Gwen
  • ATC Totoro
  • ATC Lady Leprechaun
  • ATC All Might
  • ATC Sailor Chibi Moon
  • ATC Sailor Jupiter
  • ATC Naruto
  • ATC Mojo
  • ATC Ruby & Sapphire
  • ATC Chang
  • ATC Dog
  • ATC Sardonyx
  • ATC Waluigi
  • ATC Grunkle Stan
  • ATC BBC Sherlock
  • ATC Amethyst
  • ATC Harry Hedwig
  • ATC Spiderman
  • ATC Alucard
  • ATC DP: Elegance
  • ATC Jack Skellington
  • ATC Spine
  • ATC Link
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