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Zines, & Greeting Cards

What is a "zine" you ask? It's basically a short run booklet, produced at home. They are often only in black and white. Mine are printed in small runs at a local print shop, then I assemble them and add any extra elements (color or other touches) by hand.

Greeting Cards

  • Christmas Traditions

Critters in a Crate

Critters in a Crate are very small, 8 page coloring books featuring a series of slightly squished in monsters, mythical creatures, or animals. They are printed on a heavier paper so you can use marker or a light wet media.

  • Critters in a Crate 1

Eeny Weeny Wenke

Eeny Weeny Wenke is a tiny friendly witch. Her books are little stories or simple activity books.

  • Wenke 001

Tiny Trolls

Tiny Trolls are a series of greyscale 8 page zines that each feature a short rhyme describing a little mischievous troll. They each have color elements added to the cover.

  • Poctor
  • Krumbas
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